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Quick Tip #2: Rising Micron Readings

Rising micron readings can be misleading. Learn how to tell if it really means a leak.

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6 Responses to Quick Tip #2: Rising Micron Readings

  1. Badasee Nanan CM said:

    Great videos,can you expand info on vaccuming system with POE oils for best results

  2. Gordon said:

    Glen, in school we were taught to sweep the system 3 times with dry nitrogen. I don’t really rely on the first reading of the Micron Gage until I have followed the 3 sweep steps. After the 3 steps of vac/sweep etc. is the only time that I feel that you can rely on your Micron Gage to be accurate. It has never failed me. I live in an area that we get so much rain (2-6 inch’s daily) that breaking open a system is always a concern for moisture. Good luck.

  3. Glen Ruiz said:

    Good video but I wish he would have covered how you can tell if there is a leak or still moisture in a system. My understanding is if the micro reading continues to rise it is a leak, however if there is moisture in the system the micron reading will rise until you get to the point the moisture stops boiling off. At this point the micron level will stop rising. Is this correct?

  4. Brad Kivlan said:

    This one should get a lot of plays…

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