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Evacuation and Charging Training Video

A step-by-step overview of the evacuation and charging process. The video features the YELLOW JACKET SuperEvac Vacuum Pump.


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Video Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety
  3. Right Pump
  4. Right Tools
  5. Evacuation and Charge
  6. Pump Maintenance
  7. Pump Features

4 Responses to Evacuation and Charging Training Video

  1. ken mcguire said:

    in your video EVACUATION AND CHARGE PROCESS you say in cold weather open the intake port/vacuum valve until pump reaches running speed and then close it off and you are now pulling vacuum—how are you pulling vacuum with the intake port/vacuum valve shut?

    • YELLOWJACKET said:

      Sorry, we could have worded that better.

      At start-up, the vacuum pump has to force the oil out of the pumping cartridge. This is especially hard when the oil is cold. To make it a little easier, the inlet port of the pump should be opened to atmospheric pressure. This can be done by opening the intake valve and removing one of the port caps. After the pump reaches running speed, the intake can be closed or capped off and you can connect to your system for evacuation. You will, of course, need to open the vacuum pump intake valve to begin evacuation of the system.

  2. Omar said:

    bring back your 1.5 cfm vacuum pump and your foil decal look how beautiful your vacuum pump looks now today it has a very ugly cheep looking stickers you should put that man that thought of that sticker on the choking block

  3. JIM NELSON said:

    should put this video in the box instead of the one on the analyzer and enough oil to fill the pump up for the first time !!! just a thought .

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