I know refrigerant 410A must be charged into a system in its liquid state, but must be metered slowly into the low side. Is it better to use a low side restricter device or just crack the gauges open a bit to act as a restricter?

Liquid charging is recommended when charging blends into refrigeration and air conditioning systems. A liquid charging adapter is necessary for safe and fast liquid (saturated vapor) charging through the low pressure side of a system. The YELLOW JACKET liquid charging adapter (YELLOW JACKET 41123 1/4” or 41124 5/16”) connects to the cylinder valve or refrigerant tank.

  • To protect the compressor, adapter orifice reduces liquid flow to a level below compressor capacity
  • Refrigerant flashes off into a saturated vapor to speed entry
  • Eliminates the time and work of heating cylinders

Using a manifold to adjust the amount of liquid increases the chances that the compressor may be slugged with liquid.