Do I need a filter between the hose and the suction port on my RecoverXLT to protect it from contaminants? If so, a filter/dryer or a trap separator? Does the YELLOW JACKET filter/dryer have a changeable cartridge? I know the YELLOW JACKET trap separator does. Do they both have the same filtering capabilities?

The 95760 (Recover XLT) is equipped with a built-in particulate strainer (located behind the suction port) to keep debris from entering the system. It is important to keep the built in particulate screen clean for optimal performance . To do so, unscrew the suction port by using an 11/16 wrench to unscrew the hex head to remove. This prevents contaminants, copper shavings, carbon, and other foreign objects from making their way to the compressor and causing permanent damage. Like a filter drier, it must be cleaned or replaced often. Failure to do so may cause the strainer to become too clogged for refrigerant to flow freely.

It is recommended to use a filter drier if you are working on a burnout or a dirty system. We do sell a recovery burnout filter for dirty systems (part #95014). It is a high capacity inline filter drier that removes moisture and oil breakdown products, as well as acid from burnt out systems. It attaches directly to refrigerant recovery system with a ¼” female and a ¼” male connection. This is a drier only and does not clean or recycle refrigerant. This is a disposable filter and does not have a separate cartridge.

The Trap filter is designed to remove sealants from the refrigerant and protect you tools and equipment from exposure to sealant.  Sealants contain substances that will swell rubber or harden when exposed to air and moisture. If you introduce sealant into your tools or equipment it can cause irreparable damage to them.