mantooth bluetooth range

Cesar Ponce submitted

I’m a big fan of your company I love the quality and standards of all yours HVAC tools. which I owned the majority of them. I bought the mantooth to see how handy and efficient of a tool is. I love it but I encounter a big problem the bluetooth range on my Samsung phone galaxy note 4 is not comparable with the mantooth was a little disappointed. after doing research found out the problem, Bluetooth range. Fieldpiece JL2 job link is a new tool to be used with fieldpiece wireless tool. It communicates with sman wireless manifolds and psychrometer sdp2. it receives the data from the wireless tools and it sends it back to fieldpiece phone app. Instead fieldpiece building a Bluetooth in there tools because we know you will loose your signal after 30 ft. mantooth is a class 3 which it means it has a distance of approx. 280 ft that’s good but my phone Bluetooth is a class 2 it covers 30ft. Now all smart phones from apple to android there all are class 2 it can only reach 28-30 ft. that’s why fieldpiece wireless tools are RF frequencies so they build the JL2 as a receiver / transmitter to communicate between fieldpiece phone app and fieldpiece wireless tools. yellow jacket needs to come up with something similar like an extender or repeater that’s is compatible with the bluetooth technology of the mantooth.
I’m counting on your company to make the mantooth the future in HVAC tool. Thank you. Cesar. HVAC tech for 9 years