Charles Wechsler submitted

Dear Paul, I own Charles Stuart School of Locksmithing in Brooklyn New York . We are a licensed and Accredited school of locksmithing . We developed a curriculum for HVAC. We do have a very ciomprehensive curriculum deveoped and approved to be taught once we find a suitable location to house it. I have been visiting various HVAC school throughout the U.S and I am sorry to say all their curriculums need room for improvement including my newly approved curriculum .

I would like your feed back if possible. I am indeed impressed with the Yellow Jacket products and training videos Ive seen., I would eventually like to have a dealership of your products in our school. We intend to sell Yellow Jacket products as well as teach with them.

The purpose of my communication with you if poossible would be to obtain a sylabus of material from basic to comprehensive HVAC that you as a school owner would like to have taught to prospective HVAC students from start of the training program to graduation. I respect your HVAC knowledge and I would indeed adopt your suggestions for our training curriculum..

Best Regards

Charles Stuart Wechsler