Enhancements for the Yellow Jacket Digital Refrigeration Analyzer

Kenneth Budka submitted

I recently purchased a Yellow Jacket Digital Refrigeration Analyzer and have been putting it to good use. Two enhancements that may be worth considering are adding a third thermal couple input to measure compressor discharge temperature. I am reading more and more about the danger of having a discharge temperature above 225 F. After data logging, I have on occassion run it a second time but with the thermal couple that was on the liquid line relocated to the discharge line. But this takes time and then you have to annotate the print out to avoid confusion. I would image a third thermal couple would not add too much more cost to manufacture but add more value to the instrument. The ultimate would be to have a clamp on current probe so that you could record compressor current at the same time. Although this will add more cost to the instrument, some may be willing to pay for that feature. Finally, with the data currently gathered, and with discharge temperature and temperature of the suction line leaving the evaporator, it should be possible to calculate EER. How cool would that be to hand the customer, or your employer, and print out showing system’s performance in a more familar format. Just like the heating techs get from their combustion anaylzers.