A “degree in cool” proves you know your cool and shows you’re cool. Get it? Cool.

Get Your Degree In Cool!

Maybe you want to take your tools, equipment and service learning to the next level. Maybe you want to show YJU who’s boss. Hey, whatever the reason, we’re just glad you’re here.


New Student?

You’re only 25 questions away from getting your degree in cool! The questions cover an assortment of HVAC/R-related topics. If you don’t know an answer off the top of your head, well, we’ve included the source(s) on this site where the answer is found. How easy is that? You must get at least 20 correct (that’s 80%, if you care about that sort of thing) to pass. If you don’t, lucky for you, you can always retake the exam.

Good Luck!

Degree In Cool

Returning Alumni?

Welcome back, smarty! We’ve got 10 bonus questions to challenge your HVAC/R know-how. Same rules apply this time around—we’ve included the source on the site for easy answering. Think you can ace the exam without poking around the site for the answers? Only one way to find out.

Refresher Course