Hoses and Fittings for R-410A

As you know by now, R-410A is a higher-pressure refrigerant and requires tools and equipment that can handle the extra load. Hoses in particular need to be able to stand up to the job. So, what features are most important when it comes to R-410A?

First off, you want to make sure the hoses you’re using with R-410A have a 5:1 safety factor. This means that the burst pressure of the hose needs to be five times greater than the working pressure. All of our YELLOW JACKET® PLUS II™ 1/4” hoses have a burst pressure of 4000 psi and working pressure of 800 psi (5:1), the required rating for R-410A. For added confidence, use hoses that are UL recognized.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using proper fittings with R-410A. While several manufacturers use 1/4” access ports for R-410A, we’ve noticed that many manufacturers are now using 5/16” (1/2-20 thread) access ports. A YELLOW JACKET 5/16” female quick coupler x 1/4” male flare will adapt your 1/4” hose for these systems, but we recommend our YELLOW JACKET PLUS II™ 1/4” hoses with 5/16” flare (1/2-20 thread) compact ball valves on the service port ends. Why compact ball valves? The higher-pressure load of R-410A can make it hard to turn the hoses off; the compact ball valve ends let you close off the pressure before you turn off the hose.

As always, please check the manufacturers’ instructions to determine which fittings to use.

Flare Conversion Chart:

5/16” flare = 1/2-20 thread = 5/8” hex

1/4” flare = 7/16-20 thread = 9/16” hex

3/8” flare = 5/8-20 thread = 3/4” hex